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Brown Beach House

Luxury Boutique Hotel in Croatia

Located on the picturesque Adriatic coast, in the charming historic town of Trogir, only 5 KM from Split airport, Brown Beach House offers an unrivalled Mediterranean experience. Housed within a former tobacco shipping station (“Duhanka”), the hotel’s majestic facade exudes a sense of eternal style. Part of an international design collection, located in Israel, Greece, and Croatia, with new hotels opening soon around the world.

Properties are rooted in devotion to service, design, innovation, style, and authenticity.

Brown evolved out of the desire to create dwellings that not only show tourists the real culture and creativity of the city's youthful population but also expand the nightlife and neighbourhood joints for locals.

The Brown Hotels Collection is developing rapidly, opening up hotels in desirable destinations.

Still, they make each hotel unique, independent, and imbued with a true sense of place.


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